Member Requirements

(Last updated November 7, 2015)

The Exec Board of Tau Beta Pi seeks to increase the presence and recognition of this nationally recognized organization at Northwestern. The reward to fulfilling these requirements include networking with the brightest minds on campus, career development opportunities, and personal satisfaction from serving the Northwestern and Chicagoland communities.

  • Minimum Number of Events: 2/quarter (social or service)
  • Mandatory General Meeting: 1/quarter
  • Attendance Policy: Email before the meeting with a valid reason. The consequence for missing a general meeting without prior notice is 1 extra event.
  • Requirements carry over each quarter.
  • If you volunteer to help with the logistics of an event (aka be on a “committee”), the 2-event requirement is fulfilled.
  • Attending a full 2-hour block of study hour can count as ONE of the 2 events for the quarter.
  • If you successfully fulfill these requirements, you receive your graduation stole & cord for FREE ($40 otherwise; getting the graduation stole & cord is optional.)

If you are a member of NU TBP and you want to check the status of your requirements, click here